If you finish your recording, but the video doesn't make it into your ilos video library, don't worry; it simply means something disrupted the connection between your video and your library. This is why we auto-save a copy of your video to your computer.

Step 1

Check your Recorder settings:

Click the gear icon and then select More. If the option to "Save Copy of Video to This Computer" is not checked, your video may not have saved (if you don't see this option, try hovering over any empty grey space to see if it appears). Please contact Support to see if we can recover it for you.

If it is still checked, you're probably in luck! Continue to the next step...

Step 2

Search Video Save Folder:

In the Recorder settings, under More, select Open Video Save Folder, or search your computer for "ScreenRecording" (in "Videos" folder for PC and "Movies" folder for Mac), to get to the file location of the saved videos. Find the most recent recording.

Step 3

Upload your video:

Head to the Upload page in ilos, and drag your video file in. It will take a few seconds to finish up the import, but then it's ready to be titled and shared!

Want to see a video on how this works? Check out How to recover your video file.

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