Having trouble launching the ilos recorder? Try the following solutions.

Solution 1

Re-authenticate user: Click the Record button in your browser to re-authenticate the current user. If you continue to receive an "authentication error" please refer to this article.

Note: Be sure Remember Me check box is selected when you log in to your account; this will ensure the Recorder stays synced to your account.

Solution 2

Re-download ilos recorder: Try re-downloading the ilos recorder here: https://app.ilosvideos.com/installRecorder.

Note: The latest version of the recorder is supported by Windows 7+ and Mac 10.10 +. It is not supported by iphone, ipad, or Chromebook, though we do have an ilos app for iOS and Android.

Solution 3

Use a different browser: If the first two solutions fail, try using a different browser to launch the Recorder.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to give us a shout in Chat.

Solution 4

Submit a ticket to your organization's IT department as there may be a firewall or security preference that is blocking the ilos recorder from launching. 

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