An application log is a file of events that are logged by a software application. It contains errors, informational events and warnings. If you are experiencing an error with the ilos recover, our Customer Support team may ask you to review the following instructions so you can send them a copy of your logs.


Step 1: Search your desktop for "Run".

Step 2: Type %localappdata% into the box next to 'Open' and click 'OK'.

Step 3: Go into the ilos_Co folder > ilos Screen Recorder > logs.

Step 4: Find the most recent log file by checking the dates.

Step 5: Click the file to open it in Notepad and copy the entire text.


Step 1: Search your desktop for "Console".

Step 2: Type ilos screen recorder into the Console search bar.

Step 3: Produce the ilos error message. You should then see information populate in the console.

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