You may be getting an "Authentication" or "Token" error while trying to launch the ilos Recorder. Let's explore why this might be and what you can do about it.

What does this mean?

Don't panic. This is just a signal that the recorder you downloaded is out of sync with your browser. This could be for a number of reasons: a poor internet connection, an update running in the background, or maybe you got logged out of the Recorder somehow. No matter what, the fix is usually very simple.

Option 1

Re-authenticate current user: Almost every time, this issue can be fixed by simply going back to your browser and launching the Recorder from the red Record button. This will resync the Recorder to your account and get you back on track.

Option 2

Log out/back in: If Option 1 doesn't work, the next step is to log out of both the Recorder and your ilos account in your browser. Sign back in, launch the red Record button in the browser, and attempt to record from there.

Option 3

Uninstall/re-download Recorder: As a last line of defense, try uninstalling the Recorder from your computer, and head over to to re-download it.

Option 4

Contact Support: Sometimes an authentication error occurs when a plan's free trial has ended or needs to be renewed. Please contact ilos Support so that we can verify.

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