Problem: I don't hear any sound coming from my video

Solution 1: Check the video player controls. Make sure the microphone icon does not have a slash through it. If it does, this means the the recorder was not picking up any audio while you were recording your video.

Solution 2: Check the volume level on your device to make sure the sound is turned up

Solution 3: Check the cables. If you're using a desktop computer, make sure the external speakers are plugged in, turned on, and connected to the correct audio port of a USB port.

Problem: I only want to record sound coming from my computer.

If you are attempting to record sound that is coming from your computer, such as an audio track, but are hearing background noise from your external settings, this means you need to turn on System Audio.

You'll do this by selecting the microphone icon >> More Options >> Primary Sound Output Device, as demonstrated below.

Note: System Audio is currently not available for the Mac Recorder. 

Problem: I want to record myself speaking but I'm picking up too much background noise

We generally suggest using a microphone to record your videos to prevent background noise from being picked up in the recording. You can purchase either an external USB microphone or a USB microphone headset.

Problem: My webcam and audio are out of sync

Video sync problems cannot be corrected after the recording is finished, but there are some steps you can take to prevent it from happening in the future.


Check to make sure you have the updated version of the screen recorder. Reference this article for more information:


Open up your QuickTime application and create a test video recording with webcam. Since ilos and QuickTime use the same API, this will tell us whether the issue is specific to ilos or not.

Other solutions: 

If you are using an external webcam, test it in other applications and on another computer. This may verify if the issue is specific to the webcam itself. Contact your webcam vendor if you believe it is defective.

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