Sharing folders with specific users gives teams the ability to interact with the videos they need when they need it.Β 

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What is the difference between Team and Shared folders?Β 

Team folders and the videos contained are available for all users in your organization. Think of this as an "organization video library."

Shared folders are folders that are shared with specific collaborators. Users added to a folder will see the shared folder in their management library under My Videos.

Updated Folder Options:
*Share -
Add a collaborator to the folder
*Rename -
Change the name of the folder
*Settings -
Enable custom sorting of folder content
*Delete -
Remove folder (Note: If you delete a Shared Folder, it will be removed from your management page and any collaborator's management page it is shared with

Add a Collaborator:Β 

Adding a collaborator to a folder will allow access to:

  1. Add and remove videos to that folderΒ 
  2. Add and remove collaborators to that folder
  3. Change folder visibility for only specific users or anyone with the folder link
  4. Delete the shared folders (this will delete for all collaborators)

Shared Folder Icon:
When a folder has collaborators added to a folder, a shared icon will appear on the folder to indicate others can access and contribute to that folder.

The collaborators will now see any shared folders under My Videos in their own management library.

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