We will be releasing a new Caption Dashboard on Tuesday, 3/20/2018.
Here’s what you need to know:

You will continue to access captions with the CC button within the video player. 

The new interface will show the following tabs:

Request: 1 Minute = 1 Credit. This change in terminology is to facilitate a future release for machine captioning.Make sure to make your edits before requesting captions.

Upload: Add your own subtitles to your video from a .srt or .vtt file. When manually uploading files, completion can take up to 5 minutes. This is because you can now request a transcript when a video has a caption file attached.

Dashboard: View all captions added to a videos

Order # - reference number for professional caption requested

Length - Video length for the video captioned.

Credit - Credit cost for captioned video. Rounded up to nearest minute.

Progress - Status of caption order requested

Actions :

  1. Request Video Transcript 
  2. Download Caption File
  3. Edit Caption
  4. Delete Caption

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