Using trackable links allows you to keep track of who has viewed your content, even if the viewers don't have ilos accounts. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Generate a trackable link.
  2. Send it to your intended recipient.
  3. Add a note about who you're sending it to.
  4. Keep an eye on the analytics and see how it performs.

See the video below for an overview:

What is this useful for?

One great use for trackable links is making sales videos - check which leads have seen your demo. You also may want to ensure that a certain customer saw the latest update or instructional video.

How many links can I create and track?

Create as many links as you'd like under Share, and track them under Analytics.

How can I keep track of which link I've sent to which person/medium?

You can edit notes under Sharing options > Trackable links > Notes. The most recent URL you generated will be at the bottom of the page:

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