The ilos Guest Recorder allows non-ilos-users to record to your ilos account as a guest user. If this feature is not enabled on your account, please reach out to your account manager or in the in-app chat.

The Guest Recorder can be used within an LMS (Learning Management System) so students can record videos. It can also be used for customers to record an issue they are experiencing so a support rep can better assist in a customer support role. 

These are the steps for using the Guest Link feature: 

Step 1: Create a personal folder under "My Content"

Step 2: From that folder click "Guest Recorder" in the top right of the platform

Step 3: Either copy the link for the recorder or copy the embed code for the record button

Step 4: Send the link to the guest, or if embedding the record button, place the code anywhere that offers an HTML editor

Step 5: After the guest records a video, they can send you the video link or embed it (the video will also automatically be transferred into the folder that it was generated from)

The following video uses an LMS as an example, but gives a good overview of the feature for all use cases:

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