A video under 10 seconds or the first 10 seconds of a longer video can be turned into a GIF and then shared.

GIFs work best for showing a small number of steps. ilos generates GIFs up to 10 seconds long.

Step 1

Generate a GIF: To show how simple the process is, here's how to create a GIF...with a GIF!

  1. Record a video.
  2. Click More and select Generate GIF.
  3. After a few seconds, your GIF will be ready.

Step 2

Share the GIF: You can either download the GIF or share it directly using one of the the following options. When sharing directly, be sure that video Permissions are set.

Option 1: Many text editors let you share a GIF URL directly and will auto-expand the image, or will give you the option to "Insert image" and paste in the URL (Note: this method will allow you to use our Replace Video function to update your GIF).

Option 2: You can simply right-click the GIF from ilos and select Copy image. Then paste it to the text field you're working in (Note: this will not update if you use our Replace Video function).

Option 3: Download the GIF locally and re-upload it

Want some use cases from a member of our Customer Success Team? Check out this blog post: How to use GIFs for customer support.

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