Note: If you haven't installed ilos yet, please do so before beginning this process: Installing the Recorder.

Watch this video and then follow the steps below to learn how to quick launch ilos from your desktop instead of your browser.

Step 1

Authenticate user: First, you need to sync the Recorder to your account.

  1. Log in to your account at, and make sure to select Remember Me (it won't work if this isn't selected).
  2. Launch the Recorder from the red Record button.
  3. Record a video (can just be a sample for this purpose).

Step 2

Create shortcut or quick search: Now that your account has been authenticated, you can set up a shortcut on your computer or simply quick search your computer to find the app.

Mac users: Open Spotlight by pressing Cmnd + Space Bar and search "ilos." From there, drag the icon to your Doc to keep it there for quick access, or open it directly from Spotlight.

PC users: Open Search with the Windows key and type in "ilos." From there, you can drag the icon or right-click and pin it to the Taskbar for quick access, or open directly from Search.

If you get an Authentication Error while doing this, please retry the numbered steps above, check out this support article, or send us a message in Chat!

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