How do I record? Where is my webcam? How do I select my audio? 

These are all common questions when it comes to using a video capture platform. Fortunately, the ilos recorder is super simple to get going right away. 

Control Bar - before recording:

  1. Status bar: Shows the state of the recording.
  2. Record button: Starts or resumes the recording.
  3. Microphone icon: Used to select your audio input and shows current audio input levels.
  4. Webcam button: Toggles webcam on/off.
  5. Full screen icon: Allows you to record your entire screen.
  6. Gear icon: Includes various settings for the Recorder.
  7. Close icon: Closes or Minimizes the Recorder.

Control Bar - basic settings:

  1. Countdown toggle: When on, the recorder will countdown before starting the recording.
  2. Rapid recording toggle: Allows you to make multiple recordings in a row.
  3. Save videos: saves a copy of your recording to your computer (this is recommended! See Re-uploading article).
  4. Restore recorder size: Recorder will remember previous recording dimensions for next time.
  5. Open video save folder: Directs you to where we save your recordings locally.
  6. HotKey settings: Displays HotKeys for Record/Pause, Stop, and Minimize/Maximize. More info
  7. About: Shows the version of recorder you have.
  8. Log Out: Logs you out of ilos.

Recorder bounds and dimensions:

  1. Lock aspect ratio: Maintains a 16:9 aspect ratio while manually readjusting the recorder bounds.
  2. Current recording dimensions: Displays pixel width x height for your recording.
  3. Drop-down for preset dimensions: Common dimensions for 16:9 aspect ratio. For best playback view, select one of these options.
  4. Custom area tool: Select the Crop icon to drag around what you want to record (will not lock the 16:9 aspect ratio).
  5. Outer bounds of your recording: Everything inside these lines will be recorded.

Control Bar - during recording:

  1. Time clock: Shows the current time.
  2. Pause button: Pauses the recording.
  3. Trash icon: Cancels the current recording and starts over.
  4. Check button: Stops the recording and uploads it.

Control Bar - while paused:

  1. Revert: Go back to last pause in the recording to re-record section.
  2. Grab Icon: Move the recording area to another area of the screen.

From pause, you can finish or cancel your video. To resume your recording, select Resume.

Control Bar - after finishing your video:

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