ilos is a ridiculously simple app that allows you to capture your screen and webcam, make simple edits, and share your video.

1) Capture with any device, anytime.

You can record on any operating system including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
While you are capturing your content you can record your webcam and any audio from your computer.

2) Make it awesome - jazz it up!

Once you complete your recording and name it; the video auto-uploads to the cloud. If you need to make some simple edits such as: trimming out a section, blurring out information, or adding some jazzy music - we've got you covered!

If you really want to get fancy, upload a cover image for your video. You can also make your video super interactive by linking to other videos, marking important chapters, or leaving comments in your video.

3) Make sure it is accessible for all!

Go ahead and add your own subtitles. Don't want to spend the time? Use the 1-click closed caption feature and forget about it.

4) Get it out to the world! Sharing made easy.

Grab your link and send it out - email, text, embed - whatever and to whomever your heart desires!

5) Trying to go viral? Track those views!

Remember when you shared your video? Did you track that link? It's okay if you didn't, you can still see the video analytics to see if people watched it.

6) Lock it down! Control who can see your video.

Just in case you don't want the whole world to view your video, we let you choose your video permissions before sending it out.

7) Type A personality? Don't worry, organizing is super simple.

Manage all of your video content by setting up folders. When it is time to get rid of some videos, go ahead and drag to the trash. Deleted something on accident? No sweat, you can get back...usually.

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