ilos offers a variety of ways to get your video captioned. Request captions from our professional service with one-click captioning or upload your own .vtt or .srt file to a video.

Step 1: Click CC button within your video:

Step 2: Choose how you would like to have your video captioned:

1. Request: Have your video captioned by licensed professionals within 24 hours.

One minute is equal to one credit for professional captioning. Minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute in the video so be sure to make your edits before requesting. 

Once your choose 'Request,' your captions will appear on your video within 24 hours and an email will be sent confirming when they are complete.

As an ilos Admin, contact Support through the in-app chat service to have the captioning service enabled for your account and credits added.

*Please let us know if you are interested in adding translating services. Languages available are Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Arabic. Videos must be spoken in English.

2. Upload: Add your own subtitles to your video from a .srt or .vtt file.

When manually uploading files, completion can take up to 5 minutes. 

3. Dashboard: Manage all captions added to a video

Order # - Reference number for professional caption requested

Length - Video length for the video captioned.

Credit - Credit cost for captioned video. Rounded up to nearest minute.

Progress - Status of caption order requested

Actions -

  1. Request Video Transcript 
  2. Download Caption File
  3. Edit Caption
  4. Delete Caption

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