Video Permissions determine who has permission to view your video. We'll show you how to change them and then go over what each option means.

1. How to set Permissions for a video

  1. Select the Permissions icon below the video you're sharing.
  2. Choose between the different viewing options.
  3. Click Done.

2. Permissions overview

Who can view your video:

  • Anyone with a link: Anyone can view the video if they have the video link or the video is embedded somewhere.
  • Only team members on my account: Only people who are logged in to your organization's account can view this video.
  • Only people in specific groups: Only people who are logged in to your organization's account and are in a specific group can view this video.
  • Only me: Your video is private to you (if Team or Business, Admins on the account can still see the video, but others are restricted).
  • Add to Team Content: This allows your video to be visible and searchable by non-Admin Team members.* (The video must be added to a team collection in order to be viewed).

Other permissions options:

  • Enable comments: Enabling comments allows other ilos users to comment, while disabling them removes the comments section from the video.
  • Allow intranet viewers to see team content without logging in: Non-ilos users can view a video embedded in your intranet or can follow a video link directly from your intranet. Note: this also requires Organization Domains to be set up under Org Settings.
  • Require password for video: Only people with the password can view this video.
  • Show download button for viewers: Selecting this setting permits users to download your shared video.

*Searchability of ilos videos: Our videos are not currently indexed for SEO, the above search function ONLY pertains to searching within ilos.

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