We know that a big struggle when creating videos is keeping them organized. This is why we allow you filter content and organize your videos into folders.

Start out with this video for an overview of how to navigate the content page. 

1. My Content 

This is where you can access all of your videos.

  • Recent videos: Your ten most recent videos.
  • Shared with Me: Videos your team members have shared with you in app.
  • Folders: Arrange your content into as many folders and sub-folders as you'd like. These just allow you to organize content; they don't dictate video Permissions.
  • Uncategorized: All your videos that have not been placed into a personal or team collection 
  • All: Click here to see all of your videos.

2. Team Content

This is where you can view videos of other team members. Administrators have access to all videos on a team account. Creators and Viewers can only see videos that the owners have added to a team collection.

  • All: Click here to see all Team Content.
  • Team Folders: Admins and Creators can add Folders here that can be accessed by the whole Team. 

3. Viewing your content:

  • Users can switch between Grid View and List View by toggling the icons in the top right of the screen.
  • Use the Filters and Sorting options to get to the right video faster.
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