Say you've embedded a video in a help desk, shared a video link in an email blast, or embedded a GIF via the image URL, and the content becomes outdated. You now need to update the video and make sure the correct version goes to all the places you've previously shared it.

With ilos, you can do this by simply replacing the video that lives at the URL you've already shared.

Go into the outdated video in ilos, and follow the instructions below.

1. Click the Replace Video icon:

2. Choose from following options:

Option 1

Re-record the video (as shown in video above): 

  1. Select Replace via Record (the recorder will pop up automatically).
  2. Record the video with the updated content.
  3. If you're satisfied, click Done.
  4. If you made a mistake while recording, simply click the Trash button on the Recorder instead of Done, and start over.

Option 2

Upload a new video:

  1. Select Replace via Upload.
  2. Drag your video into the uploader, or click to select manually.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Done!

Your video will now update anywhere you've shared it while keeping the same link or embed code.

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