The Freshdesk x ilos integration allows users to add the ilos Record button to their Freshdesk ticketing system to allow customers and support agents to create videos of issues or solutions instead of having to type them out.

Simply copy an API Key from ilos and paste it into the Integrations section of your Freshdesk account.

Some important info before getting started:

  • You must already have an ilos account to enable the integration. Click here to sign up for an account. If you need to upgrade from an existing account, please Contact Supportt
  • There are two available ilos API Keys. Make sure to use the API Key specific to your user account, NOT the Organization. You can find this in ilos under Account Settings > Integrations.
  • All users have access to an API Key during their ilos trials, but they must upgrade to ilos Business accounts to continue access.

Setting up the integration

To get started, log in to ilos and Freshdesk, and follow these steps:

Step 1: In ilos, go to Account Settings > Integrations, and copy your User API Key.

Step 2: In Freshdesk, go into Admin, and select Integrations under Helpdesk Productivity.

Step 3: Scroll down the page until you find ilos, and click the Disabled slider on the right.

Step 4: Enter the API Key you copied in Step 1.

Step 5: Check the Integration types you'd like available and to whom you'd like them to be available.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Do my users need an ilos account to make videos?

Nope! Making videos doesn't require an account for end users.

Do my users need to download anything to record?

Yes. While they won't need an account, they will need to download the Recorder. Freshdesk will prompt them for you when they click Record.

Who owns the videos when they have been created?

Your organization (the org setting up the integration) owns the video content; it is stored by the user whose API Key was used to set up the integration.

Can my support reps access the videos they make with the integration?

In order for your reps to access the videos they make in ilos, you will need to add them to your ilos account. As long as they've given their videos a descriptive title, they'll be easily searchable.

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