The ilos + Canvas LTI integration allows instructors to record and embed an ilos video without leaving the Canvas LMS. It also allows ilos quiz results to pass directly to the instructor's Canvas Gradebook.

Check out this video for a walk through on setting up the ilos LTI in Canvas for easy video recording and sharing.

Step 1: In Canvas go to > Admin > Settings > Apps > Add App. Enter the information below and Submit.

Configuration Type: By URL

Name: ilos

Consumer Key: found in your ilos Account Settings > Integrations

Shared Secret: found in your ilos Account Settings > Integrations

Configuration URL:

Step 3: Verify that the Configuration worked by switching into Teacher View and adding an Assignment or Discussion from the Courses tab. If it configured properly, an ilos icon should appear in any rich text editors.

Step 4: To embed a video, click the icon, log in to ilos if prompted, and search for your video. Once it populates, select the video and it will embed into Canvas. Just hit save and you're all set!

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