The ilos + Blackboard Building Block allows faculty to embed an ilos video without ever leaving the Blackboard LMS. 

Step 1: Copy your Consumer Key from ilos Account Settings > Integrations.

Step 2: Click the link to download the Building Block> In the new tab/window click Download

Blackboard Building Block

Step 3: Go to your Blackboard System Admin > Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Upload Building Block. Upload the file ilos B2 file. Submit > Approve.

Step 4: Return to the Blackboard Installed Tools page and find the ilos Building Block. Go into its Settings and click Configure Building Block Settings. Enter your API Key (Consumer Key) and the Shared Secret. Submit.

Step 5: Check the ilos Building Block System Settings to ensure the Server URL is and the API URL is Perform a test configuration to make sure the connection is OK.

Step 6: From your System Admin Panel, go to Tools and Utilities > Tools > ilos Building Block. Turn the Availability on for all three tool types. Apply to both new and existing courses.

Step 7: Embed a video in Blackboard anywhere that offers a "Media Mashup." Just click ilos videos and search for the video you'd like to embed. Once you've selected the video, hit Embed. (To play back the video, make sure Edit Mode is off.)

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