As an ilos Administrator, you may need to review the content being created by your Team. Here are some options for doing this:

Option 1

Browse Team Content:

Select Team Content > All on the left sidebar and narrow your results with the filters and sorting options in the top right. Sort by User, Recent Videos, Captioned Videos, Most Viewed, and more.

Option 2

Use Assisted Search:

Our "user" and "video" tags will help you find content with multiple criteria. For example, search (in this format) "User:Alex Vu [Enter] Video:Blackboard [Enter]" to find all videos Alex Vu has made with the word "Blackboard" in the titles.

You can add even more criteria, such as...

  • "User:Alex Vu [Enter] User:Nick Stokman [Enter] Video:Uploading [Enter]" to find all videos by Alex or Nick that include the word "Uploading" in the titles.
  • "User:Alex Vu [Enter] User:Nick Stokman [Enter] Video:Recorder [Enter] Video:Screen[Enter]" to find all videos by Alex or Nick with "recorder" or "screen" in the titles.
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