With ilos, you can either generate links to send to have users create their own accounts, or you can create accounts for them. You can also add users one at a time or in bulk.

Start with this overview video, and then scroll down for a more in-depth look at the different methods:

Option 1

Send an invite link:

Great for: Sending to individuals and smaller groups or placing in one central location like a company chat or internal Wiki.

  1. Create link.
  2. Set Permissions.
  3. Send it off.

Anyone you send this link to can use it to create an account with ilos. They will be prompted to enter their email and create a password.

For added security, you can require a password for use of this link as well as require Admin approval of the new users by unchecking "Automatically accept new users created using this link."

Option 2

Have ilos send invite links:

Great for: class rosters / anyone who already has an email list available to Copy + Paste.

  1. Paste an email list of your prospective users into the text editor.
  2. Click Send Invites.
  3. Choose User Level, and send.

We'll then send them an invitation to your company's ilos account. The recipients will enter their emails and create passwords to join.

Option 3

Create single users:

Great for: making sure a new account is already set up for a user.

  1. Select Add Single User.
  2. Fill out the info boxes.
  3. Click Add User.

We'll then send the user an email with their account information.

Option 4

Create accounts in bulk:

Great for: setting up accounts for multiple users at once.

  1. Click "Advanced."
  2. Enter in the names and emails for the new users in this format: FirstName LastName,Email. For an easy way to bulk format like this, check out this video: http://ilos.video/dBkHk7.
  3. Select the user level you'd like these accounts to have.
  4. Select how you would like their passwords to be created. You can choose one password for all, have us randomly choose one for each, or enter different ones for each user after their email addresses: FirstName LastName,Email,Password.
  5. Click Add Users.

We'll then send out notifications to the users that their accounts have been created.

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