If you'd like to add subtitles to your video, download the text from Notepad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac) by clicking More Options > Add Subtitles. ilos supports .srt and .vtt formatting.

If you need to edit or delete the file, click the subtitles icon below the video. You'll then click the pencil icon and have the option to download the file or delete it. Double-click to download the file. To edit, open the file in Notepad (or SimpleText for Mac).

When you are finished with your edits, go back to your video and upload the new .srt file to your video. You will also need to delete the old .srt file from the video if you are uploading a new file.

In order for subtitles to be seen while playing back, the CC icon needs to be red

Here's an example of what .vtt and .srt formatting looks like:


00:00:00 --> 00:00:05
 This is a video on adding subtitles

SRT (same setup except that you need to add a number before each caption)

 00:00:00 --> 00:00:05
 This is a video on adding subtitles

Note: your captioning file needs to be saved with a UFT-8 format for Encoding

For existing enterprise contracts, ilos offers One Click Captioning to make the process of a adding subtitles less time consuming for you. For more information, please see this article: http://support.ilosvideos.com/article/153-using-the-ilos-video-captioning-service

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